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Tips & Tricks for Painting walls

#1 Only tape corners

I find it easy to use the roller for majority of the wall except for edges along ceiling and baseboards. I recommend using a 1” brush to do lines by hand. As tape can often end up appearing uneven or have little remainder speckles that sneak through the tape. I prefer to paint top and bottom edges first then finish rest of space with roller.

#2 Remove outlets DO NOT TAPE

This one may seem like an obvious one. However, it is one of the most important steps to follow. Latex paint is strong and using masking tape to cover outlets while painting creates a risk of outlets getting stuck or wall paint being pulled off with removal of outlets. Get the seamless look by removing outlets

#3 Tape corners when using multiple colors

I prefer to use two strips of 1” masking tape rather than one on corners to ensure no accidental marks are made when switching colors between walls.

#4 Straight lines for stripes!

If you’ve used masking tape before you are aware of those pesky little paint marks that are left behind when removing the tape. This can be easily solved by using a rubber or rib to flatten out tape completely with no wrinkles and to ensure no spots get left behind. I prefer rubber of plastic or metal because it does not scratch the painted wall behind the tape. Sometimes, I even use a brush by hand to follow tape lines and correct those pesky little marks!

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